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Freeman and Sica


Our passion for photography started at a very young age, starting out with disposable film cameras and a Nintendo Gameboy Camera.  Then we got our hands on some point and shoot/ beginner DLSR cameras and found a deep connection with taking photos. We met in college where we were taught fine arts, an eye for composition, color, and lighting.

Both of us have worked in the film industry and Jessica still works in the animation industry as a CG Lighting Artist.  We love getting out of the house and going on photo adventures together with our dog Mochi in our free time. We also love to travel the world and immerse ourselves in other cultures, food, history, and lifestyles.

Soon photography became way more to us then just taking silly photos with friends or snapping pictures of anything we came across that we thought was cool. To us photography became this amazing way to stop time, and capture the essence of a moment. Its now our  absolute passion to use cameras as our tool to capture the emotion, narrative, and beauty of the time we live in.